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With over thirty years in Kelowna as the most recommended new and pre-owned jewelry store, Canadian Jewelry Exchange (CJEX) sets the standard for choice, quality and customer service both locally and online.


CJEX sells online with a storefront in Kelowna. The CJEX marketing strategy needed a mix of local branding, as well as a way to reach customers searching for long-tail, specific jewelry pieces across Canada. We track and manage their Google Ads activity including Search, Display Remarketing, and Google Shopping Ads. Building the website has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the brand and what sets CJEX apart. A long-standing client relationship strengthened most recently by working with the team to redesign the website and online shopping portal. It was a great opportunity to create a unique, beautiful website with loads of customized features, including a user messenger centre and customizable search filters.