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Certified by Google to Manage Google Ad Accounts

Certified by Google to Manage Google Ad Accounts

Whether your business serves B2C or B2B, in the tourism industry or legal, your customer path to purchase involves a number of different touch points across different forms of digital marketing. Leaning about your target customer and how they engage with the web will provide the foundation for being in the right place at the right time to connect with potential customers. Google Adwords offers a number of different ad formats and mediums for delivery. It is flexible – and consistently a part of every digital marketing strategy we plan at Navigator.

Success in Google Ads requires a process.

The user journey or path to purchase can be identified in four categories: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA). Google Ads can be used to apply each of these categories to build a measurable funnel in Google Analytics.

Attention: Branding channels such as YouTube in-stream video ads or Display Advertising on publisher websites.

Interest: Measured by engagement of the advertisement by click-through-rate or view-through-rate. Remarketing to your current website traffic that has expressed interest.

Desire: Google Search Ads or Shopping Ads, reaching an audience with intent, actively looking for your products or services.

Action: The landing page experience, arguably the most critical part to the success of a campaign. Tracking the conversions and user behaviour with Google Analytics to respond to data and optimize over time.

Defining your target customer profile and analyzing current analytics will determine the context of the advertisement. This will determine the website placement, or the time of day the ad is served, or the device (mobile/desktop/tablet), or the geography among others. The target customer profile will also drive the creative. The images and copy used to deliver the marketing message and how this message is consistent throughout the path to purchase.

The Google Ads platform evolves frequently, and search advertising continues to get more and more competitive. At Navigator your ad account gets the attention and consulting from a dedicated AdWords expert that is transparent, and reports monthly on account performance. We stand out from the competition by our attention to detail and never being content with the performance of an account.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

  • Our account managers have written Google exams in search, display, mobile, video, and analytics. These exams are updated and must be renewed every year. View our Google Partner profile here.
  • We actively plan/build/manage Google Ad accounts.
  • The client accounts we manage follow Google best practices and performance standards.
  • We are dedicated to continuous learning of Google Ads and the implementation of best practices for the clients’ accounts we manage.

Google Ads Marketing for Plumbers and Home Services

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