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Why Navigator

Why Navigator?


Partnership and collaboration are at the helm of every project we work on. Partnership means supporting our team members and clients through every project, but also listening to your needs and wants.

And we don’t just mean for the short term – Partnership means we’re in it for the long haul to bring you, and our team members, the success you deserve. We partner with you, coworkers, and fellow businesses to deliver high-quality projects we can all be proud of, and find success with.

Partnership Authenticity Excellence Accountability

Who We Are

With its breadth and quality of services as a cornerstone for its longevity, Navigator Multimedia has established a community impact based on client care. It is of paramount importance that each interaction between agency and client is rooted in our core values: respect, professionalism and kindness.

Why should your organization partner with Navigator?

The agency thrives on the power of smart, open-minded people to deliver reliable and innovative marketing solutions, website design & development, and secure hosting solutions for clients across several industries, including hospitality & tourism, real estate development, skills training education, retail and manufacturing.

Our Team

A portrait headshot of Morgan in a white button shirt, the Head of Development and lead programmer and web developer in our web development department at Navigator Multimedia in Kelowna, BC.

Morgan K

Morgan is a graphic designer & programmer at Navigator with keen interests in design trends and user experiences. Working from concept to reality, He designs, implements and tests the code behind your website. Music, tech news, and Netflix keep him busy in his spare time.

Tianna D

Project Manager
As a Project Manager at Navigator, Tianna is your go-to contact for new website development projects. Whether you have questions about WordPress, Shopify, or site design and production, Tianna is your gal for answers! She uses her knowledge to provide a creative, yet analytical perspective to her projects and helps bring your vision to our team. Tianna takes pride in her diligent note-taking, attention to detail, and communication-forward approach to deliver results for our clients. When she is out of the office, you can usually find her exploring the Okanagan Valley or getting cozy at home with a cat in her lap and her nose in a book.
A portrait headshot of Tianna in a navy blazer and glasses, our lead project manager for web development projects and marketing projects at Navigator Multimedia in Kelowna, BC.
A portrait headshot of Emma Topfer in a black knit cardigan and green floral blouse, the SEO Coordinator, copywriter and a Project Manager in our Marketing Department at Navigator Multimedia in Kelowna, BC

Emma T

As an SEO Coordinator and Project Manager, Emma brings the creative side to your written content. Emma graduated from UVic with a BFA in Writing and moved to the Okanagan in 2019. Passionate for all-things-writing, Emma has a keen eye for detail and strives for perfection in all her projects. Never one to put herself in a box, you can find Emma writing novels, playing DnD, or baking in her spare time. Emma also enjoys relaxing at home with her boyfriend and their pug and Siamese cat.

Rob R

Rob Raybould is a Digital Strategist with a passion for putting the team and customers first, enabling an impressive culture of service and excellence within the company.
Rob’s focus on serving customers is unwavering. He understands that their success is paramount and consistently drives data-driven strategies that deliver tangible results.
A portrait headshot of Rob Raybould in a grey shirt and blazer, the new CEO and owner of Navigator Multimedia in Kelowna BC.