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Digital Marketing for Bone & Biscuit Stores

Digital Marketing for Bone & Biscuit Stores

As a Bone & Biscuit franchisee, you can improve your local search presence by working with us on the following:

  1. Complete your Store Spotlight Interview
  2. Sign up for the Ad Program

What is the Store Spotlight?

The Store Spotlight is a great way for franchisees to share their story in owning a Bone & Biscuit franchise. So many franchisees are family run or come from a passionate background in pet care. This content allows us to optimize for Search Engines and improve your local search visibility in Google.

Before getting started, please review some of our past interviews to gain insight into how the post with be formatted and published. Photos will be required to accompany some of the responses.

The store spotlight is free for franchisees. We will help with formatting and set a publishing date on the Bone & Biscuit website.

What is the Ad Program?

The Bone & Biscuit Advertising Program allows franchisees to reach new potential customers geographically close to their store address.

We provide professional management of Google AdWords to ensure that we are targeting the right audience, and we’re responding to changes as this ad platform evolves. Optimization and strategy realized in one location can be quickly applied to another location.

We use the following advertising channels:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Remarketing

Where Does My Ad Show Up?

Google Search


Google Maps


Websites that serve Google Ads


What Does A Report Look Like?

Every month we create and send out a PDF report that covers key performance indicators on your ad account.

SCREENSHOT and/or Swydo Sample report URL

What Does The Ad Program Cost?


  • Account Setup: $0
  • Management: $280/mo
  • Advertising Spend $800/mo. recommended. This can be increased or decreased depending on campaign objectives or based on the size of your community.

Monthly reporting is included.

This agreement is not under contract.

Are Ads Custom To My Store Location?

Yes. Before getting started, we ask that Franchisees complete a creative document that will allow us to customize your campaign and refer to it for future changes.

Advertising Creative document (specific to your store location) is provided by us, and completed/approved by you before we start the campaign.

*New Ad Accounts are eligible for $100 in free ad spend, Google credit.
Please email or DM on Slack to get your store signed up.