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Web Analytics

Track your results and measure your marketing ROI with web analytics

We provide consulting, strategy and management for making the most of your Google web analytics data.

We make decisions based on data, not guesses. Our Analytics expert uses your web traffic data to provide insight for the how/what/why questions you have about your online customers. A strong understanding of user behaviour can allow us to make online marketing decisions based on data, not guesses.

Analytic data will assist in improving SEO, SEM, Conversion rate optimization, Content marketing, and other marketing channels.

Dig deeper than basic metrics like bounce rates and page views

By adding event and conversion tracking we can identify not only how much business your website is generating, but identify different user segments and allocate marketing efforts towards the users that make you the most money.

Identify why users are abandoning their shopping cart, or why users return to your website but still fail to convert. Making small, incremental changes to design and website structure can translate into dramatic changes in sales or lead generation.

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