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15 Online Marketing Blogs With All The Good Stuff

It’s a cruel, cruel summer when you have a business to run. While the rest of the world goes on camping trips and grazes in the sun, you’re stuck inside, getting pastier by the minute.  By the time Friday finally rolls around, the weekend has been strategized down to the last spoonful of potato salad.

Time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste a minute.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 15 of the best online marketing blogs to help you make the most of the time you spend improving your web presence this summer. These blogs have all the good stuff, so you can count on learning something new with every visit:

Social Media Examiner

An online magazine doling out expert social media marketing advice on the daily. Expect in-depth how-to’s, informative podcasts, and active discussions in the comment sections. A great place to look for Facebook engagement ideas and inspiration.


The go-to resource for copywriters, bloggers, and anyone interested in attracting more attention to their website with killer web content. The daily articles are endlessly inspiring, yet totally practical. Try not to want to read this blog every day, I dare you. This is an addictive resource.

Heidi Cohen

Actionable marketing expert Heidi Cohen gives it to her readers straight, with all the statistics and data to make smart blogging, SEO, and social media decisions.


The conversion optimization geniuses at Unbounce like to share ( lucky for us!) So when you want some advice for creating better CTA’s, landing pages, social media campaigns, blog content, and more, the Unbounce blog won’t let you down. Check out the hilarious Marketing Fails series for the best of the worst.

Top Rank Blog

Marketing expert Lee Odden and his team of savvy contributors dish out the goods for increasing brand visibility and increasing sales online with daily blog posts and marketing news round-ups.

Social Media Today

Insights, debates, and news updates contributed daily by a professional network of marketing experts.  A great stop for finding fresh information on a variety of social media topics.

Top Dog Social Media

The blog spot for Melonie Dodoro, a Kelowna-based social media expert dubbed “Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert and Social Media Strategist.” Naturally, her blog is a go-to for LinkedIn tips and how-to’s, but she’s also got some insanely on-point insights for social selling and communicating a brand online.


We’ve shared the remarkable start up story of Problogger found Darren Rowse, but have we mentioned how much we love his blogging advice blog?  Yeah, it’s pretty great! Between Rowse and his network of guest writers, there’s a wealth of blogging how-to’s and discussions to be had. If you’re ever dry of blogging ideas, check out Problogger for inspiration.

Content Marketing Institute

There’s no easier and more engaging way to wrap your brain around content marketing than with a visit to the Content Marketing Institute blog. They’ve covered the basics in long-form articles and how-to’s, and keep readers coming back with tutorials and discussions for the latest content marketing trends.

Quick Sprout

Get traffic-increasing, brand-building, sales-boosting insights and advice direct from start-up whiz and entrepreneur Neil Patel. This blog is wildly popular, with comments into the hundreds for nearly every post. Best of all, Patel is a diligent and active blogger, so if you post a question, you’re likely to get a meaningful response within a couple days.


“The Internet is full of marketing tips, marketing advice, and marketing experts,” reads the ‘About Us’ page on, “but most of what is out there is either pure garbage or really confusing to figure out.” To fight the content bloat, the team at MarketingProfs provides highly researched insights and data that you can’t find anywhere else.


Top blogging advice from top blogger and freelance writer Kristi Hines. If the name looks familiar, it’s because Hines is in high-demand as a guest author for online marketing blogs such as Unbounce and Social Media Examiner. Her articulate style and resourceful advice graces the pages of many well-read online publications.

Social Media Revolver

Search by social media platform for killer tutorials, how-to’s, and insights you need to help make your small business social campaigns effective and budget-friendly.

Hubspot Blog

On-point inbound marketing tips and how-to’s from the pros at Hubspot, a software company helping businesses attract leads and convert them into customers. Let this blog be your bible to getting customers to the finish line on your website ( sale or inquiry ).

Kissmetrics Blog

For all the hard data and actionable advice you need to improve your web presence, traffic, and sales. These writers get their kicks with A/B testing and case studies, so expect to learn loads about what works and what doesn’t with online marketing.


Now you have the go-to resources you need to make the most of your online marketing efforts this summer.  Less time spent searching = more time in the sun!

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