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21 Expert-Approved Website Development Resources To Bookmark Right Now

Editor’s Note: The information you get from the experts is always the best. Case in point: moms, giving advice on anything. That’s why we wanted to share some insight from our lead developer Morgan Klonteig. He’s one of the experts around here, and he has an incredible knowledge base for website development and design inspiration, free resources and discussion. 

Check out his top picks below and let us know in the comments what you plan on adding to your website development arsenal!

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Editor’s note: If you’re planning a website redesign or starting a new project from scratch, these are great resources to check out before your design meeting. Bringing examples of websites you like and dislike helps with articulating the direction you want to see for your project. screenshot
Screenshot of Reddit Web_design page.


Editor’s note: For English-major, project manager types like me, these Internet places are essentially like exclusive clubs I snuck into under the guise of a Fedex man with a package for the boss. I get in, hang around long enough to soak up a bunch of new, cool information and dart out before anyone has a chance to hear me say something dumb. 

Editor’s note: Navigator Multimedia Inc.’s Sarah Bauer has written for Smashing Magazine a couple of times. Shameless self-promotion here.


Editor’s note: Yes, you can become incredibly knowledgeable on the topics of SEO, user experience, web development and design. The textbooks are out there, and they’re free. The whole digital marketing landscape is one wherein the self-motivated and highly passionate thrive because they’re able to and willing to learn on their own and through communities online. 

Screenshot of homepage.

Misc Tools

  • Tiny PNG “Reduces file sizes on images for faster loading.”
  • Google Fonts “Free to use webfont typefaces.”
  • Font Squirrel “Creates webfont kits for use on websites.”
  • Grid Lover “Helps layout text sizes for good typography.”
  • Colorzilla  “Generates CSS for gradients.”

Editor’s note: Handy, right? Let us know which resource you find most useful or drawn to – we’d love to hear from your in the comments! 


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