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5 Reasons Why Users “Unlike” Business Pages on Facebook

On the scale of Facebook rejection, an “Unlike” is just about the worst.  When a user “Unlikes” a business Page, the page is removed from the user’s profile and timeline. If your business Page has experienced a rise in “Unlikes”, it’s time to assess the Page for improvement.  “Unlikes” are negative feedback you can learn from.

Negative feedback often suggests that your content isn’t aligned with your fan base, as contributor Ekaterina Walter says.  Take a closer look at your business Facebook page. Who does the content benefit?

It should benefit your Fans. “The primary purpose of a social media presence is to connect with clients and customers,” says contributor Dov Hirsch. You need a Fan-based focus.

1. Irrelevant content

This one’s the most obvious reason for “Unlikes”, and is actually the overarching theme of this post. Your followers expect content that is relevent to them. If you don’t know your audience and how to communicate with them, what are you doing on social media at all?

2. The business posts too much stuff

According to a study, “36% of all “Unlikes” on Facebook are because a company was posting too much,” says Hirsch.  Do not bombard users with a string of status updates and wall posts, one right after another. Time your updates to fit optimal Facebook usage times, like lunch hour and after dinner, instead of dumping all your social media “contributions” in at once at the end of the day. Aim for 1-3 posts per twenty-four hours.

3. The content is low quality

Updates about what you ate for lunch are only useful if you own a restaurant or grocery store and you’re describing the day’s special. Avoid overly personal updates or repetitive links. Create your own informative and entertaining blog posts, videos, and podcasts to share with users.

4. The content is drenched in self-promotion

Today’s social consumer is bored by blatant advertising schemes. For every status update or link to an article about how great your service is or how it beats every competitor in town, you inch an “Unlike” closer and closer to the user’s consciousness. Sure, throw in an upcoming sale notification, but don’t overdo it. You want to find an effective balance of promotional to non-promotional posts, updates, and links.

5. The content is spammy

Sending misleading private messages to get users to click a link back to your site are just as bad as scam emails. This tactic often gets businesses into trouble. When users “Report Spam” on messages, the Facebook User Operations team takes action. Warnings are delivered, and if warnings are ignored, Pages are disabled.

Use personal messages sparingly, and always explain the purpose of the message.  Only message users with information that directly benefits them. For an in-depth understanding of what to avoid saying on Facebook, check your junk mail inbox. The Nigerian princes and Viagra offers should give you some clues.


An “Unlike” is an interaction with a business that no Page owner anticipates for their social media presence.  We want users to respond to polls, contribute to discussions, and comment on posts and pictures. So take a look at your business Page to see if it encourages positive action.

How’s your content looking? Relevant content encourages positive action. “Your Fans will remain loyal as long as the content remains relevant and expectations for frequency are met,” says Walter.

Relevant, timely content: the game hasn’t changed. Step yours up!

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