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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Professional Website Design

So, you own a small company and you’re not seeing as much growth as you’d like. You’ve listened to the countless professionals telling you about the importance of digital marketing and have even joined multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. But the biggest question is – do you have an actual business website? While social media is great for getting your name out there and distributing content, promoting yourself through a professional webpage is key to controlling how you perceive yourself to consumers.

In this introductory post we provide 5 reasons why it’s so important to have a professional website for your business. 

1. You Control Your Content

By strictly relying on third party sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram, you’re allowing them to set the rules on your behalf. While likes, shares and reviews are important (there’s even specific rules and guidelines for effectively marketing your business in areas like social media), exclusively using these platforms to control your message could overshadow the real mission of your business. Having your own website is the best way to take control of your own content while delivering an honest statement about what you can deliver to potential customers and how you’ll do it better than the competition.

2. You’ll Gain Valuable Credibility

Traditional methods of advertising are becoming out-dated. Radio and print ads still work to a certain degree, but now, most consumers are using Google Search to find local businesses that apply to their needs. Consumers expect that your service will have an official web-presence that accurately represents your company. Chances are if you don’t, they’ll click on the one who does. By developing a website for your small business, you’re earning yourself a sense of validity that your customers will expect from your company.

3. Reaching a Wider Market is Easier

Developing a clean and modern website is an effective way to reach a wider audience. For example, introducing a business blog to your site is an excellent marketing strategy for increasing your customer base while demonstrating your personality and values on a more intimate level. By creating shareable content, you’re more likely to gain valuable name recognition and drive through more traffic which could turn in to a welcomed increase in revenue for your company.

4. Gives you the Chance to Show Off

Consumers want to see what you’re offering, what you do, and how well you do it… and yes, they want proof. Owning a URL gives you the chance to tastefully brag up your business. If you’re in marketing, create a portfolio with strong examples; if you’re in construction, make sure you’re showcasing high quality before & after images of buildings you’ve worked on. No matter what industry you’re involved in, two things are always for certain: positive testimonials from real customers should be clearly displayed and only your best work should ever be highlighted.   

5. Customers Get 24/7 Access

Whether it’s 2 O’Clock in the afternoon, or 2 O’Clock in the morning, consumers are constantly searching, browsing, clicking and sharing all over the internet and social sites. This means it’s more important than ever to give your customers consistent access to your company. Efficient methods could include creating a clean Ecommerce site or diving into digital marketing campaigns via your webpage. A great example of the latter option is e-mail, a proven marketing method that’s 45 times more likely to be seen than Facebook posts. Start putting your plan into action by coming up with effective e-mail strategies. Then, build a customer list by inviting them to sign-up for an e-newsletter. There are tons of different ways to implement successful e-mail marketing campaigns, it’s just a matter of utilizing the right tools and people who can help you.

There are plenty of highly-effective approaches for successfully promoting your company. Avenues like “Google my Business” are undeniably great for building trust with potential customers, while the use of social mediums helps create excellent customer relationships. With that being said, you still need a high-quality website. When customers look at your representation on third-party platforms, they’re also going to be searching for a link to your official webpage to seek out portfolio examples, service pricing, and more details about what you can offer them. Basically, you have to give them a good reason why your service is worth more than the competition.

A good business site is important and it works. Let us help you design a high-quality website that’s attractive, easy to navigate and creates a great image for your company.

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