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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Business Blogger

I remember watching bobsledding events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and thinking, “That looks so easy! I could do that!”

As a Crazy Carpet master in my playground years, surely I had the finesse for professional bobsledding. How hard could it really be? Um. Well. Pretty hard, as I’ve discovered:

  • These athletes plummet down icy tracks at speeds up to 130 km/hr
  • Crashes are common. Fatal crashes happen, too
  • Bobsleds weigh hundreds of pounds, which athletes must push off from a complete stop to gain momentum
  • So these people need serious muscle. Like, ex-heavy-lifting-champion muscle.  The push-off is key to a strong race

As Outside correspondent Brian Blickenstaff says, “You must be slightly insane to even try bobsleighing,” because really, sliding down sheer ice at 130 km/hr is not exactly the safest activity of the season. Even for Crazy Carpet champions like me.

Business blogging is like bobsledding. It looks easy. And with all the reports and data floating around that deem business blogging the key component to content marketing, it’s even more crucial to find a way to get a blog going, fast.  Bobsled fast.

But like bobsledding, business blogging takes much more work than what you see. Writing compelling, keyword-edited content for a specific audience is challenging. But some business owners have the time and resources to become awesome business bloggers, and they thrive.  Others insist “It’s easy,” and then abandon ship once the waters get rough.

Part of the goal here at Navigator Multimedia is to empower you to get involved in your web marketing strategy in as many ways as possible. That’s why we offer so many tips and how-to’s for blogging and social media.

But we also want to ensure that you don’t get in over your head. And so, we have a cautionary post for you today. Enjoy!

Here are our 5 signs it’s time to hire a business blogger:

1. Every time you sit down to write a blog post, you get a sudden urge to browse canoes on outdoor equipment websites or check your Instagram feed.

Translation: procrastination, likely brought on by setting blogging aside as the last activity of the workday. Even if you manage to sequester an hour here or there a week to write a post, it’s precious time your body and brain is accustomed to having for decompressing from the daily grind.  Trying to write a blog post during this time is like forcing a square peg in a round hole.

Two solutions:

  • Know yourself. Prioritize business blogging as part of your workday schedule, based on how you get tasks done. Perhaps you need to spread out the composition of a post over the week, or sit down and write it in one go on Wednesday mornings.  Don’t ‘set aside’ time – make time.
  • Hire a business blogger. Keep those relaxation hours for yourself.

2. You’re not always keen to share your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes you feel burnt out and write a bland and overly promotional blog post that you know isn’t your best work. You want this post to index on Google and then gently disappear, instead of zipping across the social media stratosphere with your company name written all over it.

Two solutions:

  • Get out of that funk, fast. As entrepreneurial blogger Neil Patel says, “make sure every piece of content you put on the web is a masterpiece, because if you screw up once, it will be on the web forever.”   If you write a piece you’re not proud to share, don’t post it. Leave it alone for a few days to revise it later with a fresh brain.
  • Hire a business blogger for killer blog content every time.

3. You blog when you have time to blog.

“Consistency is the key to growth,” says Patel. He noticed his blog traffic tank when he stopped blogging at his usual pace of five posts a month. It took him three months of consistent blogging to bring his audience levels back up.

Not being consistent not only hurts your traffic; it suggests that the company behind the blog is undependable, which hurts customer trust.

Two solutions:

  • Be realistic about how many posts per month you know you have time to write, and set it in stone. Pick a day of the week for publishing your posts, and don’t miss your deadlines.
  • Hire a business blogger to ensure consistent, on-deadline content.

4. Your blog doesn’t get any action. You rationalize this by telling friends and colleagues that it’s just going through an ‘awkward phase’.

Results determine the value of blog content; the more results (phone calls, email sign-ups, quote requests, sales), the greater value you get for the time and cost incurred while crafting your blog content. If you’ve been blogging exhaustively for months without receiving a single lead, something’s not working.

To get the results you deserve, your blog content needs to be SEO-optimized and formatted for a web audience.

Two solutions:

  • Use web resources such as Moz and Copyblogger to learn more about writing SEO-optimized content with keyword-edited body text, titles, subtitles, and descriptions.  Do keyword research using Google Analytics to determine specific targets for each blog post. Read popular blogs in your industry to familiarize yourself with the styles and formats that work.
  • Hire a business blogger who is trained in the art of crafting SEO-optimized, web-friendly content.

EXTRA TIP: Look for a blogger who offers samples of their work and examples of their success stories with other businesses.

5.  Your mother just called to tell you that you used the wrong “there” in a sentence in your latest blog post.

When blog content is boring, spelling errors stick out like that guy in the gym wearing full-length black dress socks with white Nikes.  Nobody wants to be that guy.

But really, blog content should always be error-free. Imagine every post is like a cover letter for your dream job. Amongst hundreds or thousands of competitors, one grammatical slip could make or break your chance to work there.  Dazzle readers with impeccable writing to stick out in a good way.

Two solutions:

  • Have 2-3 trusty and literate colleagues read your blog post before publishing to help catch the errors you may have missed.
  • Hire a business blogger. That’s their job.

What’s your verdict? Is it time to make a change? Give us your questions about business blogging in the comment section below!

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