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7 Awesome Resources for Social Media Content

Sharing other people’s awesome content online is an easy way to gain followers and assert yourself as an authority in your industry. Finding the awesome content is the hard part.  However, Social Media Examiner contributor Andrea Vahl says it’s worth the effort:

“When you can dig up great articles your audience is interested in-regardless of the source-you’ll become more respected and your content will be widely shared.”

Let’s ease the pain with these 7 go-to resources for social media content. With these tools in your marketing arsenal, you’ll be prepared to build a strong social following backed by loads of relevant articles, videos, and images:


Check out Alltop for the freshest coverage on hundreds of interesting subjects. Alltop compiles headlines of the latest stories from top-rated online publications and blogs and lists them on pages organized by topic.  This is an excellent one-stop resource for niche industry news and insights.


The cream of the viral crop begins at Buzzfeed, a platform that delivers trending content around the clock. Users and editors share videos, images, and links, which are carefully selected for buzz-worthiness and posted amongst a number of categories, including politics, tech, sports, animals, and entertainment. Use Buzzfeed to inject your Facebook page or blog with snappy jolts of fun and funny.

Google News

Use the Google News search bar to find the latest news stories pertaining to your keywords from publications around the world.  The Google News homepage has some other awesome features for finding relevant news updates, such as the Top Stories category and regional news filter.


“Welcome to Medium, a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you” (Medium, 2016) reads the about description on their site. It’s true, because anyone can submit an article they’ve written and have it hand-picked for promotion on the site by human editors. We actually encourage you to try writing your own articles for Medium, because a backlink from them is pretty valuable! Check out the articles (including the Top ones which we’ve linked to) daily for content worth sharing.


Get the latest information on social media, gadgets, design, and more at Mashable, a tech-focused news website and Internet blog with serious influence in the digital media landscape.  Follow its CEO and founder Pete Cashmore on Twitter (@mashable) for hundreds of daily updates.

The Huffington Post

Scour the Huffington Post for hot-off-the-press coverage of politics, culture, business, and entertainment, compiled from a mix of original content, blog columnists, and aggregated news sources.  Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Maher, and Deepak Chopra are just a few of several impressive names on the HuffPo columnist roster, whose articles make for awesome reposts on blogs and social media profiles.


Impress your readers with intelligent cultural insights and savvy commentary on current affairs from Slate, an online magazine with a sly wit we can’t resist.  A video, article, or podcasts episode reposted from Slate can pretty reliably kick start a conversation with other users on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Share the good stuff- tell us about your favourite websites for news and media in the comment section below!

Vahl, Andrea. “8 Ways to Discover Valuable Social Media Content.” 5 February 2013.

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