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Business Blogging Advice From the Pros

Imagine building a business empire from your couch.

That’s what professional blogger and ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse did. He started as a solo blogger, fostering a massive readership over time with compelling, valuable content on topics that interested him, such as photography and pop culture.

Today, Rowse has co-authored a book on professional blogging, and makes a successful living by blogging across a network of popular and powerful websites.  Over 3 million users access his photography blog every month.  As a business blogger, aren’t you curious to know how he did it?

Boost your business blog readership and gain more leads with advice from the today’s top bloggers, the entrepreneurs who make a living by writing and managing blogs.

8 top tips from the business blogging pros

1. Review your blog post with a writing checklist before publishing, suggests business blogging expert Patsi Krakof .  Use some of her key checkpoints to ensure that your blog material connects with readers of many different learning preferences.

2. The two most important words in blogging are “you” and “because” says content marketing mastermind Brian Clark. These words are crucial triggers for engaging your readers and persuading them to take action. Check out his evidence here.

3. Go where your readers are and participate in those places, advises ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse . Don’t expect them to come to you.  Discover which platforms your readers use online, and go build a presence there. Make your great content known to those that want it. Grab more of his advice here.

4. Define your blog’s focus and stick to it, says ProBlogger guest blogger Tony Hung in his article “5 Prerequisites for Blogging Success”. Hung believes blogs need to be consistent and focused to attract readers: consistent in tone and writing style, topic coverage, and intent, specifically. Laser sharp focus gives your blog more credibility as a trusty authority and dependable resource.

5. Use simple words, to make blog posts easy to understand, says web entrepreneur Neil Patel. As a general rule of thumb, he suggests using vocabulary a 5th grader can understand. Check out more tips in his guide to blogging.

6. Take the time to craft the perfect title for your blog post, says Content Marketing Institute contributor Tracy Gold in her article “Content Strategy: 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Post Titles”. Without a compelling, keyword driven title that attracts readers, the blog material you slaved over could go to waste.  Gold provides 9 tips to ensure your content is represented at its best with killer titles.

7. Read your stuff out loud to gain some confidence in your writing style. Business design company CEO Chris Brogan includes this in his article as one of six ways to conquer the fear of blogging. Is intimidation or self consciousness holding you back from business blogging? Read on…

8. Tell a persuasive story, says Problogger guest blogger Gregory Ciotti. In “The Science of Storytelling: 6 Ways to Write More Persuasive Stories”, he explains why stories often have more persuasive power over readers than logical arguments, and breaks down the six consistent elements of “startlingly effective stories,” based on academic research.

What’s the best blogging advice you’ve heard? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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