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COVID-19 Company Response

To our valued clients,
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is on our minds, as a team and with our families. In preparation of potential escalation in British Columbia, we have prepared a plan to see our team working from home with remote access to our server environment.

Our intentions for this plan are threefold: 
First and most importantly, as an effort to protect our team from contracting and/or spreading the virus. 

Second, to sustain our production schedule and continue to support our clients without interruption to regular service, including website design, digital marketing, and hosting. 

Third, to encourage team members who may not feel well to stay at home with peace of mind as to the status of their employment. 

If and when this plan takes effect, you should not feel an impact as our phone line will continue to be responded to during our regular office hours of 8:30-4:30 PST and your points of contact at Navigator will be available by email. However, at that time we will be suspending in-person meetings until we are able to come back together as a team in-office. 

In the meantime, our office space at Sopa Square has been equipped with hand sanitizers. Additionally, our boardroom and other high-touch areas are regularly disinfected in anticipation of in-person client meetings. We are making every effort to continue to serve you amidst the rapidly-changing status of this situation, and we wish you and your families health and precaution during this time. 

Thank you for your business. 

Sarah Howe, Project Manager



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