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Navigator is open for business during COVID-19

The COVID-19 story is changing every day, but one constant remains: people are using the Internet. 

Whether for information, social connection, or purchasing goods, it is clear that the web is an essential tool for people around the world. That means we should be doing everything we can to make our websites as useful as possible.

With that in mind, there are steps you can take online to ensure your organization is prepared to meet new demands in traffic to your website and social channels. 

We will be working remotely in full operational capacity as of Wednesday, March 18th and will return to the office at the guidance of our provincial and federal health leaders. Remote systems have been put in place for our development staff, and our phone lines will be routed to our smartphones while working remotely. Please contact us during our business hours M-F (8:30-4:30 PM PST) and you can expect a timely response by phone or email. We are here to continue supporting your business in digital through this pandemic. 

With that in mind, there are steps you can take online to ensure your organization is prepared to meet new demands in traffic to your website and social channels. 

1. Provide clear information about your operational status. 

This could include a blog post, or a notification banner on your website indicating changes to your hours of operation or new options for purchasing goods or meeting with customers. Be sure to copy the message over to your social media channels, Google My Business, and email newsletter. 

2. Create online channels for continuing service 

If you are preparing to conduct meetings via screen share, or offer shopping or dining pick-ups from your storefront, start to put together that information to share with your web users now. Direct your ad campaigns to order forms, phone numbers, or email addresses where requests can be handled without requiring a customer or interested party to meet with you face to face.

3. Monitor your website traffic and other analytical data 

Keeping a pulse on your website analytics is important during this time. How website traffic is affected will vary depending on the business vertical and size. Website traffic trends can be used as a signal to plan for the future and make changes to your marketing strategy. 

4. There is still room for opportunity

This event will pass, and it’s important to assess the current landscape and identify marketing or brand positioning opportunities to come out ahead when the market recovers. 

Remote Work Tips from an Ex-Freelancer

  1. Keep a morning routine. Mine includes bumbling around the kitchen drinking lemon water and listening to the CBC. Then I wash my face and get changed. Ready to roll! 
  2. Per point 1: Get changed! Get out of the pajamas, people! You will feel 100% better at the end of the day, especially with these times where you won’t be getting changed to go out to see friends later. Get. Changed. Believe me. You won’t feel the benefit until about 2PM. It’s worth it. 
  3. Create an office corner. Mine is a corner of our dining room table where I can sit on a chair and get some natural sunlight. The couch and my bed are for lounging and sleeping. 
  4. Let your family and roommates know that when you are working you are on the clock and won’t be available for long chats, laundry loads, or baking pies. If you can minimize distraction with noise-cancelling headphones or an office room that is separate from the rest of the house, do. 

WRALS! Do you know what WRALS are?

They’re my health secret for working from home:
W – Walk. Walk somewhere. Plug in a podcast. Early evening is a beautiful time to see the world. Take deep breaths.
R –  Run. Even if that’s to the mailbox. Flush those cheeks!
A – Apples. They keep a long time in a cold cupboard. And they’re very good for you.
L – Laugh. Get at least one laugh in a day. Best with another person (text, phone, Zoom).
S – Spinach. It freezes beautifully! Great in smoothies! High iron. The best.

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