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Prepare For the Future of Web Usability With Omnichannel Content

If your small business website is ready for a content overhaul, start with a strategy that synthesizes the content across all your current advertising channels. This is called an omnichannel content strategy, and it’s part of the experience retailers and service industries will be striving to deliver to customers in coming months.

Omnichannel solutions are in demand partly because of the rapid rise of mobile shoppers.  A customer can walk into a brick-and-mortar shop to “test drive” a product, while browsing price options from alternative retailers on her smart phone.  There are so many channels to access information about a single company from- the Web, kiosks, call centers, social platforms, stores- and today’s consumer expects a “seamless, consistent experience,” across them all (Arthur).

Consumers move rapidly from channel to channel, gathering the information they need to accomplish their goals. Businesses need to accommodate this fluid experience, in order to maintain a customer base that does not flip flop from retailer to retailer (as our example consumer above does, “test driving” and price comparing).

Instead of throwing content up on your site without a plan for measurable success, consider how an omnichannel approach could help your business leverage what content you possess now, and guide a revision of all content across all touch points.

Your omnichannel content does this:

  • Communicates accurate and consistent business messages and information. For example, the product details in your brochure does not contradict in-store or website information, and so the consumer can rely on your authority in every encounter with your brand.
  • Possesses a fluid “voice” that sets an unwavering tone across the channels.
  • Caters to customers’ needs based on a strong understanding of every touch point interaction and the context that brought them there.
  • Maintains an intentional presence. There is no piece of content in the whole experience of interaction with your business’ touch points that does not serve a purpose for the user.

According to a study reported by Forbes correspondent Lisa Arthur, the world’s data is doubling every year.  She notes that “virtually every aspect of our lives-the way we work, shop, communicate, seek information, spend our free time, etc-is becoming digitized,” and companies are being forced to synthesize or lose customers in the mass (or mess) of data. It’s not just about the retail industry; all businesses that balance more than one communication channel will need to streamline their content.

Navigator Multimedia is your web content solution company, from strategy to creation and maintenance-we’ll help make this easy on you.

Chat with us today to discover how your business goals and calls to action can be communicated online with expertly crafted content. Your company story is unique and compelling. Let’s make this narrative come to life online.

Arthur, Lisa. “We’re Ready for the Omnichannel Revolution-Are You?” 8 May 2012.

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