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SEO Secret Weapon: Long Tail Keywords

With a surge of black-and-white animals overtaking Google search results (ie. Panda and Penguin algorithm changes), SEO-minded businesses have been forced to adapt.  Content must be suited for users, not search engines. Dirty linking tactics must be removed, and quickly.  Our goals are the same. The strategies have changed.

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Time to pull out the big guns. If you haven’t considered using long tail keywords to boost your search rankings, now is a great time to start.  With all this Google guideline cleansing, claiming your space on search results with more specific keyword phrases could result in top-spot achievement.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are search queries with more than three keywords in them. Specific phrases, as opposed to generic, one-or-two word queries. Think like this: if “running shoes” is a generic search term, then “running shoe stores in Kelowna” is the long tail solution.

Since long tail phrases are much more specific, the competition for making the top spot on a search query for the phrase is much lower. And long tail keywords can help drive higher quality traffic, as users typing in the query probably are online with a specific goal in mind. Appearing in the first or second slot for “1950’s antiques for sale in Mississauga” will appeal to a directed audience.

You can provide solutions for your targeted search audience today with these tips for developing long tail keywords:

  • Go local by appending your keywords with country, town, state, postal code, or region names. Try “Calgary organic coffee roasters” instead of “organic roasters”
  • Size, colour, print, type all can be specified with long tail phrases
  • Use customer feedback for search queries. If customers are emailing you for advice, their questions could make for great long-tail phrases. For vet clinics, perhaps: “How often should I bring my pet canary in for a check up?”
  • Stay relevant, stay rogue. Your phrases must mesh with your niche and have relevancy for your audience, but they can’t be so popular as to drown in the competition. The trick is to tap into the quirks of your audience’s search habits, and formulate unique phrases to fit them

You know your business, and what your target audience needs. Bring the user to the product or service seamlessly, with specific keyword phrases that keep your rankings high and your users happy.

And don’t go handling high-power weaponry on your own. We’re here to help with crafting the perfect words for your company. Call us today, and let’s make this happen.

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