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5 Social Media Marketing Articles You Should Read

Has your Facebook Page brought in any new leads lately? If it hasn’t, there might be a problem.  You may have lost the social media marketing verve.

The verve is that motivation we need to update our profiles regularly, share new content, and contribute meaningfully to conversations on social media platforms.

We lose it when we believe we’ve lost touch with our surroundings. Social media marketing best practices change constantly, as users adapt to new ways to connect (like mobile social). It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the relentless influx of advice, tips, and how-to’s.

So leave the homework to us. With a quick refresher on the latest social media best practices and solutions delivered by experts from around the web, you’ll have that verve back in no time.

You have big plans for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Don’t let your strategy drown in a sea of information.

Here are 5 expert articles with social media marketing insights to help you improve your social web presence, and increase leads online:

How To Change From A Social Media User Into A Social Media Winner by Dave Carson

Kissmetrics contributor Dave Carson insists “ANYONE” can use his five key techniques to become a social media leader, and we’re convinced. His advice is practical, efficient, and doesn’t require you to have a storehouse of social media savvy to get started on the path to success.

How to Outperform Fortune 500 Brands on Instagram by Kara Burney

Feel like you can’t compete on Instagram when the big boys are constantly shifting budgets to the platform, raising costs and decreasing returns for small advertisers like you? Think again, here’s a handful of well-researched tips that can have you outperforming Fortune 500 brands on the social platform.

6 Ways Social Media Marketing Is Changing  (For The Better) by Meghan Keaney Anderson

Read this article to discover how other companies are leveraging social media marketing to meet their consumer’s evolving needs. Expect to see social as a sales tool, social integration with other marketing channels, and more precise ROI metrics in the near future.

The Most Dangerous Threat To Your Online Marketing Efforts by Sonia Simone

Get acquainted with “digital sharecropping” in this article, and take every measure to avoid it. Digital sharecropping occurs when you operate your entire business presence online on a space you do not own, such as Facebook. The content created there can be taken down without notice, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts.  As Simone explains, it’s best to use platforms like these as tools in your “marketing mix”, and not as stand-alone assets.

Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page by Brian Clark

We’ve covered this before, and it’s worth saying again. In 2013, Google+ will be the most influential social media platform for search engine rankings. In this article, blogger and entrepreneur Brian Clark makes a case for Google+, boiling it down to a very simple reality: “Google+ is Google…period.”  As a product of the most influential search engine in the world, we can only expect big things.

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