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A pair of hands types an a Mac laptop computer while examining a Google Analytics report to prepare for the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4.

Google Analytics Is Updating from Universal Analytics To GA4

Here’s Navigator Multimedia’s Guide To Help You With The Switch Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for online marketing and analyzing website performance. As the way we navigate the web changes, Google Analytics needs to adapt accordingly....

Tag: branding

Navigating The Trends In Web Design And Branding

Fads and trends, some are great, some… not so great; and like most things they come and go. Why is this important when making design and branding decisions? Like many of these trends you don’t want your business or impact...

Opinion On Brand Identity: Does Yours Speak For Itself?

When the word brand is mentioned, many of us instantly think of the well-established examples we know and see every day. Do you think of Google, Nike, McDonalds? Maybe you think of Snap-On, or Mastercraft if you’re a mechanic, or DeWalt...