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A pair of hands types an a Mac laptop computer while examining a Google Analytics report to prepare for the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4.

Google Analytics Is Updating from Universal Analytics To GA4

Here’s Navigator Multimedia’s Guide To Help You With The Switch Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for online marketing and analyzing website performance. As the way we navigate the web changes, Google Analytics needs to adapt accordingly....

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big photography for web design

A Love Letter To Big Photography In Web Design

Dearest modern web, There’s something I’ve been meaning to say, but verbal expression hasn’t come easy. Have my words been stolen by the thousands, tied up in pictures of sun-kissed canyons and spectacular city skylines?  If the 12 examples below...


Memorable User Experiences with Minimalist Web Design

The confines of restraint test our creativity in ways that often result in memorable experiences. Stripping a web design down to its essential elements can provide users with focused access to what they want to accomplish, and what you wish...

How To Be A “Flawsome” Brand

How To Be A “Flawsome” Brand

We don’t expect perfection from our friends on Facebook. Why should we expect it from brands that share the same space? Companies are comprised of people, who inherently make mistakes. As our online identities absorb our “true selves”, businesses must...