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8 Fresh Ways to Write Better Business Blog Posts

You stare at the blank white page. It gapes back at you, bland and unhelpful.

What will you write about for your business blog today? You’ve surely covered every angle. Revealed every industry secret. Posted every product update.

Now what?

Look, if you’re going to handle the business blog yourself, you need to have some resources to pull from when inspiration taps out. Business blogging is one of those Internet marketing strategies you don’t want to leave on the back burner.

A recent Hubspot Internet Marketing report surveying 972 business professionals shows a direct correlation between blog post frequency and newly acquired customers.  And with 57% of respondents having acquired a customer through business blogging, the influence is clear. Blogs boost conversions.

There are options: You could hire a business blog writer. You could pass the torch to another employee. Or you could take some of our tips for writing your own better business blogs (with no inspiration blocks!) Check ‘em out:

1. Dig into customer questions

Scour through emailed customer queries and chat with your customer service representatives to discover what stumps them about your service. Spotlight an answer to a question in a blog post, or create a series of “Self Help” posts that you can also share in an e-book format or sub category on your website.

Resources you create that contain valuable information will empower users to get the answers they need, without directly contacting a company representative.

2. Review something relevant

Here’s an excuse to get your hands on the latest products or services related to your industry.  Read a book, test-drive a new technology, sample something new, and share your opinion on your business blog.

This is also a great way to connect with other authorities and brands in your industry, and create some valuable cross-promotional relationships.

3. Get your Robert Munsch on

Web users love stories. Breathe new life into your business’ history with an engaging narrative on your blog.

Explain how a certain product or service came to be.

Showcase a new employee.

There are stories all over your business. Bring them to the blog.

4. Hustle a roundup feature

Compile the best of the web for a roundup feature your readers can rely on for awesome, fresh content.

You too can depend on a simple compilation post to take the pressure off your creativity.

Compile your favourite tweets of the week, top industry news stories, or funny videos, and publish the list in a blog post. Boom.

5. Repurpose your case studies

We think case studies rule. They bring the best elements of storytelling, social proof, and customer advocacy together in one sweet, re-tweetable marketing package.

Maximize your case study material with a blog post “preview”, or get a roundup post going for the best customer quotes from previous case studies.

Look for new ways to repurpose this extremely valuable material on your business blog.

6. Make celebrities out of staff

Turn on your voice recorder and hit the staff lounge.

Showcase a different employee every week with a funny questionnaire or interview. Include a picture of the employee on the post to familiarize readers with the living, breathing folks that make your product or service fantastic.

Think your staff is camera shy? You’d be surprised.

7. Turn on Google Alerts

Get the freshest information about your industry with Google Alerts, a free service that can send you email notifications when your targeted keywords turn up in the headlines.

News stories could lead to blog post commentary, or add to your list of content for your roundup feature.  It’s a great way to keep tabs on your competitors, too.

8. Use content aggreators like Alltop

This is the content aggregator for the ferocious time saver. You get the latest headlines for the top publications on hundreds of different subjects, all neatly arranged in a ranked order for quick and easy access to the information you need.

Scour topics related to your industry, and discover what the competition is up to. You’ll find lots to talk about.

Have you used any of these techniques to beat the business blogging blahs? Share your tips with us in the comment section below!

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