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Want to master social media marketing without the headache? Read our latest column

This week’s Your Digital Navigator article in Kelowna’s Daily Courier newspaper (and online!) is all about helping business owners take on social media marketing without losing their heads.

With insights from Melissa Brown, owner of Blenz Coffee in the Westbank Centre, who has reaped some of the rewards of using social media marketing to promote her business and events, it’s a great piece to reference whether you’re a beginner or novice in using social media (for business or personal). That’s right – even if you don’t use Facebook now, you can still master a social platform for spreading the word about your company. Our article shows you how.

Please give the article a read here, and feel free to share with friends who you think could benefit from learning how to take on social media marketing. We’d LOVE to have your feedback about it, which you can write directly to Sarah about at .





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