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✨ We’re Hiring – SEO & Project Coordinator

Role Description: Reporting to the Project Manager and Marketing Manager, the SEO & Project Coordinator will be trained to manage the tasks and responsibilities of overseeing Navigator’s SEO clients and assisting with light project management tasks. The training will be conducted by the current SEO & Project Coordinator. 

The SEO & Project Coordinator researches and develops SEO content for Navigator’s SEO clients, liaising with the SEO clients on a monthly basis for check-ins and reporting, and assists the Project Manager in some client liaising and production delegation for client maintenance tasks. 


  • Planning and executing the blog content strategy for Navigator’s SEO clients. 
  • Auditing SEO client websites for improving SEO and making adjustments to the site pages (copywriting and links). 
  • Month-end reporting to SEO clients in monthly Zoom calls. 
  • Scheduling maintenance tasks in Asana. 
  • Liaising with Navigator clients for minor maintenance requests and tasks. 
  • Dispatching client requests/tasks to the appropriate person or getting the information back to the client from the appropriate work mate. Examples include: sending marketing questions or requests directly to Scott or Talasa, screen sharing organized for Aaron on email support questions, asking Morgan about how long a development task would take and providing that estimate to the client.

Daily Tasks (every day is a different mix!): 

  • Reviewing the site health of the SEO client websites in Ahrefs, assigning out tasks to production staff where needed.
  • Copywriting for blog posts (600-800 words in most cases per post), evergreen page copy, brochure copy, and press releases. 
  • Meeting with SEO clients to discuss goals for keyword ranking and brainstorm ideas for blog topics, as well as to report on work done for each month (often using Google reporting). 
  • Researching keywords for blog titles and setting up a production calendar. 
  • Responding to client emails and coordinating with production staff for the completion of minor maintenance tasks. 
  • Publishing blog content and optimizing meta data in WordPress. 


  • Asana
  • Teuxdeux (recommended, not required)
  • Email 
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox 
  • WordPress 
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Search Console 
  • Hemingway App
  • Grammarly 

Training Schedule: 

  • September 15 – October 15: Training on project coordination and SEO research tools, developing blog titles, auditing websites for SEO opportunities, getting to know Navigator’s SEO clients (ex: introductions to the points of contact), and assisting in copywriting. 
  • October 15 – November 15: Gaining practice in responding to light client requests – workshopping responses with Sarah, getting familiar with delegating tasks and quote requests to production staff and coordinating with the Project Manager. 


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