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App Development

Call us your dream builders. We take app ideas and run them all the way to the App Store.

The things you’ll need before you meet with us is a strong concept and a considerable budget to invest in your idea. We can help with marketing strategy or engage with your plan to promote it, but at the end of the day, you will be steering this ship to success.

Rest assured, you will have some of the best app development muscle on your side. Our talented app developers have experience with everything from in-store purchase games and tourism guides to complex calculator apps for iOS and Android. They love exploring new and intuitive ways to convenience smartphone users, and as a team, we are committed to a confidentiality agreement with our clients.

If you have questions, or just want to bounce the idea off a group of perceptive marketing strategists and app developers, get in touch. We offer a consultation package to help get the ball rolling.

The iOS and Android development process

  1.  Concept Document.
    First, we sit down with you to discuss your idea so we can get as much information about it before developing a concept. The concept document is a collaborative project executed by our coders, designers, and writer. This process puts the game plan on paper.
  2. Budget and timeline planning.
    These elements will be largely determined by your goals and requirements for the game project, all which will be discussed in early phases of discussion and concept development.
  3. Approve, sign off and break ground.
    Once the concept, budget, and timeline have been approved by you, it’s time for our people to get building. We craft with imagination, usability and structural integrity in mind; anticipating challenges and pre-determining solutions.
  4. Test, test, and test again.
    We provide you with art drafts and development updates along the way, so you are always in the know about your iOS or Android game project. You are welcome to test with us as we trial versions of the game throughout the process.
  5. Launch and put to market.
    Depending on the platform, you still have a couple of steps to take before turning your game into a raging success. We are ready to assist with launch details and marketing strategy.

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