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A pair of hands types an a Mac laptop computer while examining a Google Analytics report to prepare for the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4.

Google Analytics Is Updating from Universal Analytics To GA4

Here’s Navigator Multimedia’s Guide To Help You With The Switch Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for online marketing and analyzing website performance. As the way we navigate the web changes, Google Analytics needs to adapt accordingly....

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Website Tagging Initiative

Destination BC and the Website Tagging Initiative

Post Contents: Introduction Building a Powerful Marketing Network Website Tagging Overview What happens when a Floodlight Tag is added? What kind of information is collected? Conclusion Introduction The tourism industry in British Columbia is undergoing some pretty radical change. In...

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Professional Website Design

So, you own a small company and you’re not seeing as much growth as you’d like. You’ve listened to the countless professionals telling you about the importance of digital marketing and have even joined multiple social media platforms like Facebook,...

User Research on a Shoestring

User Research on a Shoestring

A resonating message from Smashing Magazine contributor Leonard Souza has been creeping its way into my projects lately, and I think it’s time I share. On the importance of structuring an understanding of the personality, preferences, and contexts of a...

5 Strategies Professional Web Writers Use to Reduce Bounce Rates

5 Strategies Professional Web Writers Use to Reduce Bounce Rates

When visitors come to a page on your site and leave immediately from the same page without interacting, that’s a bounce.  If your website has a high bounce rate, you could have a problem, because bounces often represent users who...

Use Google Analytics, Delight Your Users

Use Google Analytics, Delight Your Users

With traffic tracking tools like Google Analytics, measuring the effectiveness of your website comes down to numbers and figures. Here you get the hard facts about your website; what works for users, and what doesn’t.  As SixRevisions contributor Claudiu Murariu suggests,...