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A pair of hands types an a Mac laptop computer while examining a Google Analytics report to prepare for the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4.

Google Analytics Is Updating from Universal Analytics To GA4

Here’s Navigator Multimedia’s Guide To Help You With The Switch Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for online marketing and analyzing website performance. As the way we navigate the web changes, Google Analytics needs to adapt accordingly....

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6 Tips For Getting Started on Instagram

6 Tips For Getting Started on Instagram

Remember when Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock?  Zuckerberg and co. was on to something: the power of visual social media. Instagram is an online photo sharing and social media service that lets you take pictures with...

5 Reasons Why Users “Unlike” Business Pages on Facebook

5 Reasons Why Users “Unlike” Business Pages on Facebook

On the scale of Facebook rejection, an “Unlike” is just about the worst.  When a user “Unlikes” a business Page, the page is removed from the user’s profile and timeline. If your business Page has experienced a rise in “Unlikes”, it’s...

The Future of Web Usability Omnichannel Content

Prepare For the Future of Web Usability With Omnichannel Content

If your small business website is ready for a content overhaul, start with a strategy that synthesizes the content across all your current advertising channels. This is called an omnichannel content strategy, and it’s part of the experience retailers and...

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Blog Tips With President Obama: Storytelling Matters

Looking back, United States President Barack Obama recognizes the impact of storytelling to inspire a group of people, and offer a richer explanation of information. In an interview this July with CBS New’s Charlie Rose, Obama says: “The mistake of...


5 Content Tips For Higher YouTube and Google Rankings

Google is a vital organ in the YouTube video-sharing beast. Since Google acquired Youtube in 2006 (for a cool $1.65 billion stock-for-stock deal), viewership has soared to 4 billion per day in 2016. Those are the facts we’re faced with...

Discover Your Next Marketing Tactic Bottom-Up

Discover Your Next Marketing Tactic, Bottom-Up

Next time you prepare to launch a new marketing campaign, go see what your Twitter followers are saying about your business. They may have already discovered the edge that you are looking for. You might not find it within your...