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A pair of hands types an a Mac laptop computer while examining a Google Analytics report to prepare for the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4.

Google Analytics Is Updating from Universal Analytics To GA4

Here’s Navigator Multimedia’s Guide To Help You With The Switch Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for online marketing and analyzing website performance. As the way we navigate the web changes, Google Analytics needs to adapt accordingly....

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The Navigator Multimedia team having a meeting in the office boardroom, ready to help our clients succeed with graphic design, web development, online marketing, and general digital marketing support..

30 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses Learned from 30 Years in Digital Marketing

Here are 30 effective marketing strategies and marketing initiatives for small businesses in 2023-24.

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5 Marketing Automation Tools For The Modern SMB

Marketing Automation is the perfect tool for any small- or medium-sized business (SMB) looking to streamline their marketing operations. In the SMB world every marketing task, whether it’s creating copy, or planning a campaign, everything can add up and lead...

Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog? Try This Old School Strategy

Imagine you’re at a networking event, chatting with a new acquaintance. The conversation is engaging; this persons speaks with great passion for their work. So when they tell you they have a business blog, you feel immediately compelled to ask for the web address. If the blog...

An Undaunting Introduction To Writing eBooks

An Undaunting Introduction To Writing eBooks

People love free stuff. Want proof? Just visit your local Costco superstore on a rainy Sunday afternoon and watch as men, women and children encircle sample booths with voracious impatience, poised on edge while defenceless employees scoop individual potato chips...

Business Owners: What You Need To Know About Canada's Anti-Spam Law

Hey, are you Canadian? Do you use email marketing to promote your business to customers and prospects in Canada? If you answered yes to either question, read on. I’ve got something important to talk to you about. It’s called Canada’s...

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Business Blogger

5 Signs It's Time to Hire a Business Blogger

I remember watching bobsledding events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and thinking, “That looks so easy! I could do that!” As a Crazy Carpet master in my playground years, surely I had the finesse for professional bobsledding. How hard...

How to Discover What Your Customers Really Want

How to Discover What Your Customers Really Want

You might think you already have this figured out. But take a step back: Is it what your customers want, or what you want? Alternatively, is it what you expect your customers to want? From any of these viewpoints, you...

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Blog Tips With President Obama: Storytelling Matters

Looking back, United States President Barack Obama recognizes the impact of storytelling to inspire a group of people, and offer a richer explanation of information. In an interview this July with CBS New’s Charlie Rose, Obama says: “The mistake of...

5 Ways to Reward Your Existing Customer Base Online

5 Ways to Reward Your Existing Customer Base Online

That old Cheers theme song has some truth in it. You really do want to go “where everybody knows your name.” All clichés aside, it feels darn good to be recognized in a place you frequent as a customer.  It...